What to Expect

We know that visiting a church for the first time can be an intimidating experience. We are happy to talk with you any time, but here are quick answers to some of the questions we get.

When do you meet?
Our Sunday morning worship begins at 9:00 and runs until 10:15 (or so – we aren’t sticklers on time). We have classes for children and adults beginning 15 minutes after worship ends. These classes are rooted in the study of the Bible as a guide for our lives.

What is the worship like?
We believe that worship is something you do, not something you watch, so we spend a lot of time singing together, praying together, and taking the Lord’s Supper together.

We also believe that worship should not be too complicated. You will notice that our ministers don’t wear special robes, that we sing without instruments, and that our prayers are from the heart, not written down.

What about Communion?
The Lord’s Supper is at the heart of our worship, and at Holmes Road all Christians are given the opportunity to take it every Sunday.

Will you ask me for money?
We have many ministries that we support through our weekly offering, but we don’t keep track of who gives and who doesn’t. As our guest, no one will pressure you into giving.

Do I need to dress a certain way?
From dresses to jeans, you will see pretty much everything at Holmes Road. We prefer the focus to be on God, not the worshiper, so come dressed in a way that you think is appropriate.

What about my children?
We have an attended nursery for babies and toddlers. Pre-school and early elementary children will be invited to go to our children’s worship during the sermon time. If you prefer your children to stay with you, that is fine, too.